Caisson is business phone and Internet service from telecom expert, Brian Wade.

Brian is one of the 1st in our region to breakaway from the high-pressure sales methods used by direct providers. Instead, Brian combines knowledge and heart to deliver a better telecom buying and management experience to businesses. 

Caisson president and founder, Brian Wade

Caisson president and founder, Brian Wade

Brian Wade is the most dedicated person I have worked with. We are quite happy, thank you!
— Briel Schmitz, Director, Spruce Street School

I started Caisson in 2005 after working for a large telecom provider. There, I saw that business owners, office managers and IT directors were loosing time, energy and money because of flaws in the sales process. I saw customer accounts get orphaned or relegated to low-wage, unskilled personnel. Businesses felt abandoned, so they switched providers only to have the situation repeated. At Caisson, we’ve designed an experience that eliminates that hassle.
— Brian Wade, Owner, Caisson

More About Brian

Brian has delivered technology solutions to more than 700 small and mid-size businesses across Washington and Oregon. He founded Caisson in 2005.

Before Caisson, Brian solved telecom issues for businesses as a customer service representative for Integra Telecom. Prior to that, Brian led the provisioning team that designed a better process for transferring toll-free numbers between providers. Hundreds of customers got improved long-distance service because of his work. In 2001, he worked as a phone switch engineer, where he programmed the lines that make connecting people possible.

These experiences, together with his 10 years running Caisson, taught Brian how telecom runs and what it truly takes to get quality phone and Internet service to your business on-time and budget.